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I graduated from Whitman College in 2000 with a degree in Studio Art.  

After I burned my thesis created at Whitman (a 14ft. rice paper cocoon), it was received in an international juried art competition, Holy Art by Human Hands, at the Bush Barn Art Gallery in Salem, Oregon.   I spent months remaking it for the show!  I've shown in various galleries in Alaska, Oregon, Washington and 

had the honor of doing a mural for the city of Portland in Kenilworth Park. 

I am grateful to be represented by the Heidi McBride Gallery in The Pearl District in downtown Portland.   

Recently Tree Song was selected by Hewlett Packard for an international commercial.  

These opportunities to share my work are lovely and honoring.  

I live on the smallest of organic farms with my family and goats where we host spiritual retreats and gatherings with the partnership of art, land and a lot of fresh air.     ​

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